SIEM, SOC, and in the interim | KNOW your Cyber Threats against chasing them.

The Emerald Room -

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David Dan

In this workshop we will review today’s major cyber threats, cyber trends and current challenges in executing and practicing an efficient IT security Strategy. The never Ending CAT and MOUSE chase, whereas enterprises are required to address so many threats Risks, regulations and standards in country and globally, is becoming exhausting for both the IT security professionals – CISO’s and the C level management who Need to support the risks presented by the professional teams in ever growing resources.

This never ending quest for practicing higher level of security and protecting the organization core business engine is a strong driver for many organizations to focus today on monitoring and incident response strategies Rather than adding more and more “boxes“ to their already huge security install base.

In this workshop we will review how monitoring (Knowing) can play key role in addressing CyberSecuirty threats before they ever happen and major strategies to Plan and execute you SIEM/SOC from in house options to Managed Security Services.